Singer | Songwriter

Jan-Ming is a dancer, musician, and somatic educator. Her work is situated in the spaces in between things, in the movements of transition and translation between different known worlds. Their workpieces back together pathways that were forgotten, or forge new connections that want to be imagined, like the physicality of music, the rich sonic textures of speech, or ancient rituals initiated through new technology. Jan-Ming has devised and choreographed for ensembles, led improvisation scores for site-specific work, created spoken word and sound poetry performances, improvised music for theatre and dance productions, and designed and performed installation-based work.

Her work has been shown at places including Tate Modern, The Place, Curve Theatre, and Victoria & Albert Museum. They have collaborated with artists and companies across different disciplines, including ZU-UK (immersive intimate theatre), Corinne Jola (neuroscientific choreographer), Neil Paris (SMITH Dance Theatre), Tim Murray-Browne (creative coder), The Next Room, and Kandinsky Theatre.

Jan-Ming is also a certified Pantarei Approach bodywork practitioner, teaching people to connect to their strengths and abilities, using a combination of empathetic touch and creative, constructive verbal communication. They use this to facilitate bespoke/individual work (Body Portals) and (Pantarei 1-1 Sessions) as well as group work (Bespoke Movement Workshops).