Kabbo Hue Qua

Artivist Storyteller | Ceremonial Drummer | Berimbau Player | Cultural Cohesion Consultant

//Kabbo Hue Qua, a distinguished Indigenous Afrikan Storyteller, intricately weaves ancient narratives with indigenous sounds, breathing life into them through the poetic expression of spoken word. His artistic journey delves into the exploration of soundscapes in motion, offering a profound experience of remembrance and healing.

Hailing from the vibrant cultural landscape of South Afrika, //Kabbo Hue Qua is a Bristol-based artivist storyteller, ceremonial drummer, berimbau player, and cultural cohesion consultant. Born on the Cape Flats in Bonteheuwel, South Afrika, //Kabbo Hue proudly carries the rich heritage of Indigenous GoringhaƭƧona, Caribbean Barbadian, Cape Malay, and Huguenot roots.

//Kabbo’s artistic endeavors delve deep into the realms of ancient stories and wisdom, retracing the steps of lineage work and seamlessly bridging the past with the present through the eloquence of words, narratives, and language. He delivers story-telling workshops to children, conveying myths, legends, folk tales, and traditional Afrikan stories of the peoples of Southern Afrika. 

Through culturally immersive community events, //Kabbo Hue explores the enduring relevance of culture within the dynamic urban melting pot of Bristol. Fueled by a profound belief in the transformative power of arts and culture, he conducts workshops that unlock the potential for healing on individual, communal, and generational levels. The workshops encompass diverse themes such as storytelling, vocal liberation, and sound healing.

As the visionary founder of @the_altered_festival, a Bristol-based multicultural arts platform, //Kabbo Hue champions inclusivity, embracing diverse perspectives, and challenging cultural stereotypes. This platform serves as a testament to his commitment to fostering a more interconnected and understanding community.