Deasy Bamford

Co-founding director

Collaborates closely with Vandna to provide consultancy services focused on advancing diversity within the sector, serving as a crucial bridge between artists and esteemed venues, festivals, organisations, and educational institutions, facilitating bookings and partnerships within the South West. Deasy is a mentor for our artists, nurturing their growth by honing industry skills, securing funding, and fostering valuable connections. With a strong commitment to the community, Deasy has also established the Bristol Refugee Festival and Imalya, and is currently in the process of founding an organisation in Cornwall dedicated to championing diverse artists.

Vandna Mehta

Co-founder and artistic director

Leads the charge in diversifying the sector through her proactive engagement efforts. She actively forges and strengthens connections with local communities, venues, organisations, and festivals to create opportunities for the Diverse Artists Network and to change representation within the sector. In 2024, Vandna will be moving to Artistic Director for Diaspora, the network’s annual city-wide festival. Her contributions extend to the founding of Vocalise, a significant community magazine in the heart of St Pauls, and she also holds the role of Community Engagement Officer for the Bristol Refugee Festival.

Fleur Williams

company manager

Oversees Fundraising and Development efforts at the Diverse Artists Network, leveraging her expertise to identify funding prospects, drive strategy, as well as working with all our stakeholders to ensure we are providing the best offer. Fleur meticulously monitors  our outcomes to ensure impactful results, and creates initiatives tailored to the evolving needs of our artists. Additionally, Fleur serves as the Fundraising Lead for Babbasa, a youth empowerment organisation, and provides dedicated support to underrepresented artists in their freelance growth and fundraising pursuits.

Giulia Bernacchi

communications co-ordinator

Oversees Social Media and Administration at the Diverse Artists Network. Within this capacity, Giulia manages the network’s vibrant social media presence, oversees newsletters, and handles crucial administrative tasks. She serves as a valuable point of contact for artists, venues, and organisations looking to promote their opportunities. In her other job, Giulia supports  Booty Bass and Ngaio Anyia as a dedicated Personal Assistant, overseeing bookings at renowned venues and festivals.



Rosco spent years honing his legal expertise, but ultimately found his true calling in arts administration. Today, Rosco stands at the forefront of the environmental movement, leveraging the power of art to drive change. His belief in the transformative potential of creativity fuels his advocacy for environmental causes and as an EDI specialist.

Dr. Roz Stewart-Hall

Dr. Roz’s career spans over three decades. Driven by a passion for inclusivity, she now pioneers cutting-edge approaches to evaluation across disciplines and art forms. Collaborating with renowned organisations such as Tate and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Dr. Roz continues to shape the landscape of cultural impact assessment. Her work is not only a testament to her expertise but also a beacon for a more inclusive and equitable arts community.

Penny Caffrey

For two decades, Penny has been weaving together communities through her choreography and performances, co-founding the Charity Movema in 2009.  Her work transcends stages, bringing empowerment and a voice to underrepresented communities. Penny has an extensive background in theatre, education, and community arts, and uses the power of movement to forge connections and break down barriers.

Aisha Ali

Aisha is a  Non-Binary, Queer, South Asian Vocal Artist. Aisha has a passion for where Art meets Activism. Beyond their artistic pursuits, Aisha’s co-founding of Kiota, management of the Wardrobe Theatre, and trustee roles at Ad Infinitum and Diverse Artists Network, showcased their unwavering commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive creative spaces.


Ruth Pitter

Jo Burgess

Yoma Smith


LaToyah Mcalister

Eloise Tong

Sarah James

James Nissen

Ari Rox