Dancer | Performer | Teacher | Workshop Host

Rubba, is an extraordinary Afrikan/global dance sensation with a captivating journey that began on the streets of St Paul’s Bristol. His nickname, affectionately known as Rubba, was earned at the age of 16, when he discovered his innate passion for dance amid challenging circumstances. Fueled by a desire to dance away his troubles, Rubba’s journey has evolved into a celebration of performance and teaching that spans the globe.

Rooted in a spiritual approach, Rubba’s dance style is marked by fluid technique, supple movements, and graceful expressions that have endeared him to audiences, fellow dancers, and students worldwide. His versatility sets him apart as one of the select few who can seamlessly perform, teach, conduct workshops, and spearhead meaningful projects.

Rubba’s mission centers on offering African holistic and traditional forms of expression. He shares the rich cultural heritage of traditional dances and music from various African countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, and the Ivory Coast. Beyond the dance floor, Rubba is deeply connected to ritualistic and spiritual healing practices, addressing a range of ailments.

In his workshops, performances, and training sessions, Rubba incorporates traditional African rituals, aiming to integrate mind and body into transformative healing experiences. His belief in the holistic structure of rituals extends to benefiting society on multiple layers—playing a vital role in socialisation, expression, communication, building a healthy self-system, and offering cathartic experiences for both individuals and communities.

Whether you seek to engage in workshops, witness captivating performances, participate in training sessions, celebrate festivals, collaborate on projects, strengthen corporate bonds, or host private celebrations, Rubba’s offerings are diverse and transformative. Embark on a journey of cultural exploration, healing, and empowerment with Rubba, where the rhythm of tradition meets the heartbeat of expression.