Sachin Babbar (SAB Studio)

Artist | Drawing | Ink Painting

Sachin is a British-Indian artist, who is interested in exploring the rhythm of human life and how it exists in relation to its environment. He aims to be absorbed in the process of creating, not knowing the outcome per se, but seeing what it may reveal.

His recent study focuses on Japanese and Chinese art. Of which much emphasis is put on the process rather than the outcome. The work exodus fluidity, masters of this art form seem to effortlessly capture the essence of their subject but at the same time elevate the mystery and potency of nature.

With this ethos, he is interested in capturing the art of movement. Working with dancers and performers to offer them unique pieces of art to include for their portfolios and painting live events and performances. Painting dancers at the All Things Dance event by DAN was a particular highlight. He is also interested in conducting live performances where he explores the melting of dance and painting using the body and movement as a brush.

As part of his offer, Sachin conducts Live-motion drawing workshops from Japanese sumi-e paintings that incorporate a calm practice, including a short meditation. He also offers live painting at events and performances that add a special touch, tapping into the subject’s energy firsthand and creating a unique atmosphere. Open to a variety of events, from weddings to corporate functions, Sachin elevates occasions, turning them into memorable experiences through his art.