We provide various membership options
tailored to: Individual Artists, Small Organisations (Grassroots/Social Enterprises), and Large Organisations/Corporates.

Artistic AND CREATIVE Mentoring

We foster artists’ growth and progress by enhancing their industry skills and knowledge, helping them secure funding and forge valuable connections. Through mentorship, we empower individuals to nurture their ideas.

Grassroots Consultancy

Assist arts venues, organisations, and festivals in adopting inclusive strategies, fostering diversity in their programmes, attracting diverse audiences, and enhancing representation and job prospects for artists in the arts and cultural sector. Our experts deliver hands-on EDI training to arts organisations, venues, and festivals.

Networking Events

Hold spaces that bring together diverse artists, arts organisations, venues, funders, to broker conversations and break down barriers and ensure equal access to opportunities, making the arts accessible to everyone.


Serves as a bridge between artists and renowned venues, festivals, organisations, and schools. Through our platform, we facilitate bookings for diverse artists.