Diverse Artists Network meets with Judge Singh before his much-awaited live Indian Fusion night at the Jam Jar on the 14th April

Written and Produced by Fleur Williams

Judge Singh has been captivating audiences for more than thirty years, performing on over a thousand stages across the UK and Europe. His exceptional talent has taken him to prestigious festivals such as Glastonbury and WOMAD, and he has received recognition for his contributions to Bhangra music with awards such as “Best Music Act” and “Special Contribution to Bhangra” at the Mast Magazine and National Bhangra Awards. 

As an accomplished composer and producer, Judge Singh has recently launched an innovative project under his solo alias J9. J9’s music is a fusion of Indian and Western music, resulting in a truly unique sound that blends the elegance and complexity of Indian music with the raw powder and irresistible groove of Western music. Fans have dubbed J9’s style as “Neo Asian Underground”, a groundbreaking style that first emerged in the 80s and 90s. 

As the date of J9’s highly anticipated live Indian Fusion night at the Jam Jar in Bristol draws near, Fleur Williams, from Diverse Artists Network, had the opportunity to sit down with Judge Singh to discuss his exciting new project.

Growing up, I was immersed in a rich musical environment, with frequent visits to Gurdwaras, and family mehfils. My father and uncles were part of a groundbreaking bhangra band in the 70s and 80s called “Dilkush”. While music was an integral part of my upbringing, initially I didn’t feel a strong pull towards it. Instead, I was drawn to the sciences and devoted myself to academia.

It wasn’t until much later, after completing my studies, and returning home, that my passion for music began to take shape. Through a chance encounter, I found myself playing bass for the family band!

In a matter of months, we had a gig lined up, and three months later we were performing at the prestigious Womad Festival. My influences at the time were varied – I had grown up listening to hip-hop and reggae cassettes and had an unusual love for Prince and rock music.

As the 90s dawned, a new movement was emerging – the Asian Underground scene. Inspired by trailblazers like Nitin Sawhney, and Talvin Singh.

I began to hone my production skills and develop a sound that blended elements of reggae, bhangra, and Bollywood.

The rise of Punjabi MCs also influenced my style. My musical journey has been a diverse and exciting one. I’m proud to have released a new album that reflects all of these musical influences and the evolution of these sounds.

Nascent, a word of Old English origin, meaning “coming into existence “or “beginning to develop”, embodies the very essence of my debut solo album. As I step into being a solo artist, this album marks my emergence.

As a touring musician with RSVP, I had the fortune of encountering a diverse array of talented artists. When lockdowns put a halt to our touring, I saw the opportunity to collaborate with some of these international all-stars.

The result? The J9 Album, a collection featuring 18 artists, transcends genre boundaries, with its innovative blend of dub, dance, DNB, and more.

At the heart of each finely crafted song, lies a unique collaboration with intricate electronica, virtuoso instrumentation, featuring sitar, tabla, cello, saxophone, flugelhorn, and powerful vocals.

Each track has been composed distinctively for the featured artist. For instance, “Aah Bhi Jaa” is a romantic, Bollywood ballad, penned for Shruti, Jain, while “7th Haven” showcases, the soulful voice of Celestine in a heart-rending soul-inspired melody. The album delves into a range of themes – from lost to indecision, protests, and self sabotage.

That’s a cheeky question (laughed J9)! Choosing a single musical influence is a difficult task. Each artist I have encountered on my journey has left a lasting impression on my personal style and has played a significant role in shaping my formative years. DCS, for instance, has been an integral part of my musical journey, and every track and collaborator has been a valuable experience. From Celestine and Transglobal Underground, Dr Meaker and James Norton, every artist has contributed to the adventure that has been my musical career.

Although there wasn’t a defining moment, there were numerous smaller ones that impacted me significantly. My collaborations with each artist and performer through my solo project have further enriched my experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them all. Therefore, I cannot offer a straightforward response, as each influence has been equally important to me.

We’ve carefully curated, a selection of core artists from the album, including the Ricky Romain (Sitar), Master Jeevan (Tabla), Hanna B (Vocals), and Indian-man (Guitar and DJ), and brought them all together for an incredible night of music and culture under one roof.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the mesmerising beats of tabla, sitar, and dub, setting the tone for an unforgettable night. Our talented line-up of performers includes the renowned RSPV Bhangra drummers. Moving onto J9’s, rapping and dance set, featuring a wide array of special guest singers, rappers, guitarists, drummers, and percussionists.

And as the night draws to a close, we’ve saved the best for last. Indian-man will take over the decks with his irresistible DJ set, blending Indian and world music with the hardest dance, house, and DnB beats. The production is a surprise!

After my upcoming performance at Jam Jar on the 14th of April, I’ll be gearing up for my performances at the Great Estate festival and at none other than the legendary Glastonbury alongside RSVP. My latest project, NASCENT ONE, is not just an ordinary album – it’s actually part of not one but two albums. 

The first one, NASCENT ONE, was unleashed on the 7th of April, and I’ve dropped 5 singles and 5 mind-blowing remixes since February right up to the album’s launch. Part two of the album is in the pipeline for 2024!

The album has been dropped on popular platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Connect with me on social media, find me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and, of course, my very own website – www.j9-music.com

There are so many ways to engage and keep up to date with the newest release of NASCENT.

Tickets are only £5 and available at, Headfirst tickets.

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